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1. Arms Embargoes and other International Obligations No data
2. Adherence to Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law No data
3. Internal Conflict No data
4. Preservation of Regional Peace, Security and Stability No data
5. Presence of Allied Armed Forces in Fragile Environments No data
6. Membership in International Conventions No data
7. Arms Export Controls and Transparency No data
8. Danger of Disproportionate Military Capacities Impairing Development No data
Value of approved arms export licenses from Germany to in €
Year Arms export licenses in €
German exports of weapons of war to in €
Year German exports of weapons of war in €

1999-2002: Data only available for commercial exports to the 10 largest recipient states.

2003-2010: All exports of weapons of war, including commercial and non-commercial exports.

n.s.: Not specified